Random Name Generator

Use this random name generator tool to pick character names or screen names for yourself from the automatically generated list.

Choose first name, middle name, last name options as well as male or female to create the kind of name you want to make. After that, simply click the Generate Random Names button at the bottom to start generating a list of names. Or check out our Fantasy Name Generator.

Name Generator Tool

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With this online name picker tool you can generate character names ranging from the weird to the mundane, from the funny to the fantastical.

The generator will automatically create 3 names every time you click the button. The data is based on manually edited US census data and so using these combinations you can literally generate millions of combinations for a person’s name that you can use for writing fiction or etc.

The names are based on data from real people and so there’s a great variety in the kinds of names and in the spelling of certain names.

If you see any spelling variations that you think aren’t valid or something seems weird, please send me a note about the specific name using the contact form.

Otherwise, enjoy yourself and have fun using the random name generator. I hope you find it useful.